Thursday, January 14, 2010

For Haiti

This post is a departure from my usual blog posts. At this time, the people of Haiti are trying to literally dig themselves out of what is one of the most devastating natural disasters to occur in the past 200 years.

Sitting in my cushy office, I am grateful for all I have: my home, my family, my health, my life. The idea of non-attachment in yoga philosophy comes to mind at a time like this. I shouldn't be too attached to these things because they are in fact finite. I will lose them eventually. But most of us have warning, time to come to grasp with this idea. Most of us have a lifetime. The people of Haiti weren't so lucky. For many, they were slammed with this fact in one fell swoop.

We can't all jump on a plane to go help. That job is set aside for the brave men and woman who are being deployed to Haiti as we speak. What we can do is help them do their jobs. In Canada, the federal government has pledged to match our donations dollar for dollar up to $50 million.

There's no excuse not to help. To make it easier, here's a link to the Red Cross

If you don't live in Canada, the American Chapter of the Red Cross will surely take your money too.

Help the people of Haiti.

UPDATE: Since writting this post, the people of Calgary have started planning their own fundrasing event for the people of Haiti. All proceeds go to the Red Cross. Say what you will about social media, including Twitter where the event took off, but it gives people the opportunity to connect and do great things. For more information on YYC4Haiti, go to the event website. I'll be there and I am donating an in-home yoga class for the silent auction.

If you can't make it to YYC4Haiti and like to watch, click the streaming video link here.

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Samantha said...

hi Kim,
great post!!
fyi the CND gov't is matching $ for $ all monies donated for Haiti to reg'd CND charities. Even more incentive!
see you tomorrow.

Kim McNeil said...

Thanks Sam. If that's not incentive to give, I don't know what is. Oh wait, yes I do. They really need our help!